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Got cellulite? ...get Endermologie®


Endermologie body sculpting

All Endermologie® sessions performed here are supplemented with Infrared technology by BioMat free of charge. You can also target your muscles with Whole Body Vibration and micro current muscle toning for a complete body lipo-sculpt effect.

Thank you for choosing Endermologie® Body Sculpting!

Endermologie® is an FDA cleared treatment that deeply stimulates connective tissue to provide long lasting results.

Each Endermologie® treatment delivers:
  • detoxification, lymphatic drainage
  • blood flow mobilization (locally and overal)
  • excess fluid elimination
  • muscle relaxation (after strenous activity)
  • muscle "warm up" (for athletes)

Series of Endermologie® will:
  • reduce cellulite
  • reduce circumferential body measurements
  • sculpt your figure
  • take your lipo results to another level
  • smooth out old scars

Please follow the link to a full list of possible applications of Endermologie®.

If you are new to this concept please read through the pages and refer to the available studies and press releases, if you already had Endermologie® Cellulite Reduction treatment done, well, some technicians are better than others... Endermologie® Body Sculpting offers free consultation, affordable prices, and guarantees highest quality of service.

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