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"I had Endermologie done 8 years ago and loved the results. However the location I used to go to back then closed. It has literally taken me this long to find another place that I love even more than the place I used to go. Alex is so great at what she does. She is experienced, knowledgeable and very professional. This service has helped me immensely. My circulation was very poor, I had visible cellulite and I just felt lethargic to say the least. I also struggled with an irregular menstrual cycle and since I have been having the Endermologie treatment done this past year with Alex; my circulation has improved, my cellulite is less visible, my skin is firmer and I feel refreshed, replenished, and alive again. Not only have I had great results but it has helped me have more regular cycles. I have to say the hour plus commute is worth the results. Thank you Alex!"
Arlamm L., Culver City

"After my lipo surgery, my PS recommended that I get regular lymphatic drainage massages to help with my post surgery swelling. He named a few ways I could accomplish this, and Endermologie was one of them. I found Aleksandra here on Yelp (thank you Yelpers for your great reviews!), and tried her services. I was beyond impressed with my first treatment, so I booked another and bought one of her package deals, as I would be needing more than a few treatments. 

I had looked around at other places offering Endermologie, and Aleksandra has the best prices.

She is very knowledgeable about Endermologie and fitness. She even recommended certain foods to avoid while I am recovering, because they either cause swelling, or block the lymphatic system from draining properly. (High salt and lactose-based dairy products.) She has many, many years of experience with Endermologie, and it shows.

Since the areas where I had liposuction were still sensitive, she started her treatments really light, so she would not hurt me, or cause more bruising. She was always very diligent about asking me if at any time I was feeling pain or discomfort throughout her sessions. (She still asks me at every treatment, and I am much less sensitive to pain at this stage.) I really appreciate that she cares about my comfort during each treatment.

I am currently somewhere around my 10th treatment, and my swelling has gone down a great deal. I am still swollen in a few areas, but that is normal at this stage of my healing (I am 10 weeks out from surgery as of the 27th of Nov). 

After every session, I feel relaxed. She also is fun to chat with during our sessions. She really makes me laugh and I feel at ease.

One of the perks of getting these treatments is that the little dimples on the backs of my thighs are disappearing. :) Even after I am fully recovered, I will still get routine Endermologie because it makes me look/feel so great!

Thank you Aleks!"
Susan V., Los Angeles