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Endermologie® facilitates functioning of lymphatic system!

Endermologie® session affects all body fluids: blood circulation and cerebrospinal fluid. 

Each Endermologie® treatment here at the Contour Room activates circulation of lymph and blood. It "reroutes" stagnant fluid in tissue and drains your body out of metabolic waste and excess water.

Increased lymph flow helps to boost immune system and stimulates the parasympathetic system. The infrared therapy by BioMat and Fit Bodywrap further support those benefits. 

Endermologie® can also be an effective treatment in reduction of discomfort associated with fluid retention. It also reduces muscle spasm.

Endermologie rolls tissue in and stimulates the fascia to reduce cellulite

Results from latest scientific study on Endermologie®:

+70% activation of lipolysis 
(elimination of fat)

+240% activation of collagen production                        
(redensification of the skin)

+160% activation of elastin production

All data sourced from LPG®, the official U.S. distributor of Endermologie®