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At Endermologie® Body Sculpting we always strive to provide best service by bringing the safest and most effective technologies to help you look the best.

We are excited to be supplementing our Endermologie® Body Sculpting treatments with this one of a kind muscle stimulating sessions to accelerate the benefits of Lipomassage®. 

Our microcurrent system is a patented delivery system process. It uses specific frequency signatures designed to tone your skin and body. It also improves circulation and metabolic waste removal. Vogue has named this a "miracle machine".

The benefits of micorcurent session after Endermologie®:

- body toning
- hydration of tissue
- improved biological processes
- improved muscle tone

We can successfully work on:

- legs and buttocks: reduce dimpling, improve skin tone and definition 

- stomach and backreduce dimpling, improve skin tone and definition 

Microcurrent body toning pricing:

four areas treated (70 minutes) $120 
10 sessions, $1050

two areas treated (35 minutes) $85 
10 sessions, $750

one area treated (30 minutes) $70 
 10 sessions, $600

We enforce a 24hrs cancellation policy. If appointment is canceled within less than 24hrs or miss your appointment, you are responsible for the total cost of your session.