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Post liposuction care with Endermologie®, Lightwave LED therapy and BallancerPro

Endermologie® is a great way to treat your body after liposuction. Ideally you would start as soon as 5 days post lipo, however you would want to get that done at your doctor's office. We can, however, treat with the new BallancerPro as it's a non invasive way to reduce swelling and help facilitate lymphatic drainage without further traumatizing your tissue. After about 4 weeks, depending how invasive your liposuction was, you can transition to Endermologie® treatments.

You should expect about 15 sessions to be needed. And most of the time, clients continue with their treatments on a monthly basis to control their achieved shape and tone.

In order to reduce inflammation we suggest adding LED red light/infrared light for maximum benefits. Sessions are about 30 minutes long and are non invasive. Ideally you will have it done immediately after your Endermologie®. You can also start with LED sessions only, if your surgery was less than two weeks ago. The discomfort setting on our LED panel is an ideal way to ease you off into treatments, and to start the process of improving the look of treated area sooner.

Within about a month of doing combination of Endermologie®, BallancerPro and LED, we will add microcurrent, which helps soften up hardened tissue after surgery and prevent fluid from accumulating.


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