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LPG® endermologie® is an FDA cleared, patented, and proprietary technique of cellular stimulation.  It is 100% natural and effective, and targets the connective tissues of the body and face, including skin, blood and lymphatic circulation. LPG® techniques are non-aggressive and non-invasive, with no downtime and no known side effects.

Endermologie® is a multi-session program with a typical single visit lasting 35 - 60 minutes. The average client will see improving results with additional appointments. Once the desired results are achieved, monthly optimization sessions can be used to maintain and improve upon the initial results.

Extensive research has shown that body endermologie® helps to sculpt the body and face, helps to tone and improve the skin’s radiance, while reducing appearance of cellulite and facilitating circumferential inch loss. Endermologie® is backed by more than 145 studies. It has been proven that every session yields a 240% increase in collagen production activation.


Body Sculpting
Increased Circulation
Skin Toning
Fat targeting
Streamline Body Contours
Increased Local Lymphatic Flow
Post-Pregnancy Sculpting and Skin Toning


Integral 35 minutes $95
10 sessions $800
Integral 45 minutes $110
Integral 60 minutes $130
We enforce a 24 hrs cancellation policy. 
If appointment is canceled within less than 24 hrs or you miss your appointment, you are responsible for the total cost of your session
All appointment requests have to be followed up with a full prepayment of the service booked. We strictly enforce this appointment policy out of respect for our waitlist clients and our highly qualified technicians.