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Z - Wave Pro

The Zimmer Z Wave Pro is a truly non invasive system of powerful technology with a proven track record in the beauty market. In each session this equipment transmits powerful sound waves into the targeted tissue. That energy then spreads out radially to enhance the treatment effect.The body responds to the Z Wave Pro sound waves with increased metabolic activity in the form of lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation.The end result is an improvement in the appearance of cellulite and other body sculpting and toning procedures.

Target Zones:
upper arms

Z Wave can be used as a “stand-alone” application or in combination with other skin smoothing services. In a single visit we can target up to 6 zones, making the full session about 20 minutes long. No side effects and no downtime.

Z Wave Pricing:
one zones $50, 
10 sessions $450
two zones $100, 
10 sessions $850
four zones $200, 
10 sessions $1500
six zones, $250, 
10 sessions $1750

We enforce a 24 hrs cancellation policy. If appointment is canceled within less than 24 hrs or you miss your appointment, you are responsible for the total cost of your session. All appointment requests have to be followed up with a full prepayment of the service booked. We strictly enforce this appointment policy out of respect for our waitlist clients and our highly qualified technicians.